Help Desert Storm Vets: Tell Congress To Extend GWS Presumption Period

From Rep. Larry Kissell’s office. If your House member is not on the bill, call them (Capitol switchboard can connect you: 202-224-3121) and ask that they co-sponsor the bill:

Support America’s Veterans Who Endure Life Altering, Service Connected Illnesses
From: The Honorable Larry Kissell
Bill: H.R. 2996
Date: 10/25/2011
Support America’s Veterans Who Endure Life Altering, Service Connected Illnesses.

Dear Colleague:

Be a cosponsor of HR 2996, the bi-partisan Gulf War Syndrome ‘Presumptive Illness’ Extension Act of 2011. Join us in extending the time limit Veterans have for any unidentified presumptive illnesses to surface. On December 31, 2011,the regulation 38 CFR 3.317(a)(1)(i),establishing the period of time thatthe Veterans Administration has for identifying presumptive illnesses related to certain Veterans’military service,will expire.

Gulf War Veterans continue to develop often unexplained illnesses long after their military service to our nation ends. The onset of multi-symptom diseases and unexplained illnesses in Gulf War Veterans that result in extended hospital care is alarmingly high. Twenty-one years after the start of the first Gulf War, many of these illnesses, symptoms,and causesstill remain unknown. As a comparison, to this day America’s Vietnam era Veterans continue to experience unexplained sickness and declining health. Some of these Veterans served more than four decades ago. Illnesses do not recognize statutes and regulatory time tables. Allowing any lapse in the regulation protecting our Gulf War Veterans should be considered intolerable.

For more information please select the following link: 38 CFR 3.317(a)(1)(i).

Please support America’s Veterans by recognizing the sacrifice of those who have served and are still serving by ensuring those Veterans,whose illnesses are not yet listed as presumptive illnesses,receive the health care they deserve when they need it. Please contact Laine Evans with Rep. Phil Roe at or Kenton Barber with Rep. Larry Kissell’s office at


Larry Kissell
Member of Congress

Phil Roe
Member of Congress

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