Tell Apple: Make Your Products Ethically

I just signed a petition calling for Apple to make their next iPhone ethically. You can join me at

Information has recently emerged about the conditions in Apple’s factories in China, and it is appalling. Workers work twelve-plus hour days, six days a week with no overtime. Many are routinely exposed to toxic chemicals which attack their nervous systems and forced repetitive motion that wears away their joints until they can no longer function. Workers have collapsed dead on the assembly line after marathon, sixty hour shifts, and suicide is a common problem.
Right now we have a huge opportunity as ethical consumers: The launch of the iPhone 5 later this year will be new Apple CEO Tim Cook’s first big product rollout, and he can’t afford for anything to go wrong — including negative publicity around how Apple’s suppliers treat their workers. That’s why we’re launching a campaign this week to get Apple to overhaul the way its suppliers treat their workers in time for the launch of the iPhone 5.

Can Apple do this? Absolutely. Apple is the richest company in the world, posting profits for last quarter of 42.4% yesterday. According to an anonymous Apple executive quoted in the New York Times, all Apple has to do is demand it, and it’ll happen – “Suppliers would change everything tomorrow if Apple told them they didn’t have another choice.”

Join me in calling for Apple to make the next iPhone ethically at

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