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Domestic drone surveillance: Round 1

The House, on a voice vote, passed an amendment by Rep. Landry (R-LA) that prohibits DoD drone imagery of US persons or their property from being used in court proceedings absent a warrant. The question is whether the provision will make it into law.

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The text of the amendment:
RT @drones: Why would DoD drones be spying on Americans anyways? Well, Air Force admits it may "accidentally" collect your info. http://bit.ly/KF5OI8Thomas Sutherland
House Approves Amendment to Defense Spending Bill to Limit Defense Drones Surveillance: The House of Representat… http://bit.ly/JPMrufLex Informatica
RT @EFF: RT @Drones House #NDAA amendment: Info collected by DoD drones can’t be used in court w/o a warrant https://eff.org/r.1abj h/t @EPICprivacyNathan Jordan
The concern is this: lot’s of provisions that make it into bills on unrecorded voice votes have a way of disappearing when the House and Senate conferees get together to hammer out a final bill. And because Landry’s amendment only applies to the Defense Department, state and local law enforcement organizations are–for now–free to do what they want:
The FAA has signed off on law enforcement using unmanned drones in USA: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-05-14/drones-up-to-25-pounds-allowed-for-u-s-safety-agencies.html #PoliceStateOccupy Wall Street
The good news is that lots of folks are not down with this:
Domestic drones? A sign of the times? Drones can be beneficial but they can also be abused.Maria/Marika
No I don’t think ANY good can come from local #police use of #drones! #justsayin #thataintright #FAIL #govt #intrusion #invasion of #privacyKen Sk8man
The funny thing is, you can’t stop @drones from following you on Friday or any other day.alexismadrigal
So there’s 30,000 spy drones flying over the US right now and the Government tried to hide it from us. American government is so screwed up.Ben Hodge
RT @galtreport: Little Opposition to Expanded Use of Drones in U.S. http://bit.ly/ItCxi7Sweetred Archer
Drones Over America – Mozilla Firefox http://amzn.to/Kbd8bMSheila.Sensible
If Domestic Drones Are All Civil, Then Why Are They in the Defense Authorization, Too? http://shar.es/2LXEQ via @sharethisNoistheanswer
RT @TheAngryindian: AeroVironment and the Rise of Police Drones : The New Yorker http://ow.ly/aZhKhDan Feidt
When the #TSA sends its drones over your neighborhood, moon it.Gary Sibio
Who will keep us safe from a president who wants to use drones here?Omar Zaid
RT @OmarZaidMD: Who will keep us safe from a president who wants to use drones here?Laid Back Farmer
Drones coming to skies near you http://www.socialunderstanding.net/526.htmlLive Life
Those drones do NOT have to come to skies near you. Here’s how to stop them:
Petition: Tell Congress: No Drones Over My Neighborhood | Change …Aerial, warrantless surveillance is a violation of our Fourth Amendment rights and our right to privacy. The recently enacted Federal A…
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