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Memorial Day ’12: The growing civilian-military gap

The latest from Pew reminds us how the gap is growing, and why we need to do more to close it.

Storified by · Thu, May 24 2012 10:25:28

Pew just published very important data about the growing disconnect between those who serve in America’s all-volunteer military and society at large. As we approach Memorial Day, please take a few minutes to read this latest snapshot as well as the larger body of work Pew has done on this topic. Then, this Memorial Day weekend, thank any veteran you meet for be willing to serve, and ask them what else you can do to help veterans in your community.
Daily Number: Small Share of Americans in Active Military Duty – Pew Research CenterA smaller share of Americans currently serve in the U.S. Armed Forces than at any time since the peace-time era between World Wars I and …
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