Little Pink Houses

Once again, CNN has been giving ISIS reports on Iran’s alleged nuclear facility at Parchin completely credulous coverage. For the record, a few pertinent facts:

  • No one at ISIS is a qualified imagery analyst or has an Intelligence Community background in doing nuclear facility analysis. It’s a highly specialized field in the IC with a very limited number of folks who actually do have the requisite imagery and subject matter expertise to opine credibly on Parchin or any other alleged nuclear facility. I’ve not seen a single such expert–current or former–make any public statement in support of ISIS’ claims. That alone is damning, but apparently of no interest to producers at CNN–“the Most Trusted Name In News.”
  • If you want to know how we do such testing, read here. We do it deep underground, for multiple reasons, not the least of which is the desire to contain anything that might get out of the test chamber itself. ISIS is maintaining that the above-ground building itself is the test chamber, which is a ludicrous notion if you are allegedly a nation seeking to conceal your nuclear weapon component-related testing.

I wish that once–just once–when a major news organization seeks to present imagery-derived evidence on something this big that they would actually bother to find people who have the credentials and expertise to back up the claims. ISIS does not.

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