“Compromising Positions”: Thomas Frank on Obama

From the current issue of Harper’s:

“And while Obama and his fellow Democrats have been off chasing postpartisan soap bubbles, the right has seized the opportunity to make itself into the great expression of hard-times protest. When unemployment is high this time around,it is the right–with its mythology of heroic “job creators”–that we ask to rescue us. It is the right that talks about the little people, about, smashing the cozy Beltway consensus, about bringing in a whole new crop of leaders.

“As I watched this upside-down unrest emerge, I used to wonder how long it would take Obama to switch on his inner FDR and start grappling with the nation’s problems the way they obviously needed to be grappled with. The years passed, and I finally realized that this was never going to happen. Then a different possibility started to dawn on me: Maybe a second New Deal is precisely what Obama was here to prevent. Maybe that was the hope all along.”

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