NDAA Indefinite Detention Provisions Ruled Unconstitutional

From the Village Voice:

The Obama administration’s efforts to enshrine sweeping 9/11-era rollbacks of civil liberties and constitutional rights as federal law hit a serious roadblock yesterday, as a federal judge struck down clauses of the National Defense Authorization Act as unconstitutional.

The offending section of the NDAA, signed by Obama on New Year’s Eve last year, grants the government the power to put citizens in military detention indefinitely and without the usual recourse to civil courts.

Prediction: the Obama administration will appeal

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2 Responses to NDAA Indefinite Detention Provisions Ruled Unconstitutional

  1. gregorylent says:

    "Prediction: the Obama administration will appeal"you can see how in politics there is no choice in america … romney will say nothing against an appeal … yet most citizens are against ndaa, with no one to argue their case in the power structure.hats off to the judge, finally one with guts.

  2. Patrick G. Eddington says:


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