More On The Camp Bastion Attack

The official readout from the USMC:

Two Marines (the squadron commander and one of his sergeants) were killed in the attack.  Seven others were injured but their injuries are listed as NSI (non-serious injury). 

At last report 14 insurgents were killed.  One was wounded and taken into custody.

6 AV-8Bs were destroyed, two AV-8Bs and one UC-12W were damaged.  It was initially thought the damaged AV-8Bs could be repaired in theater, but after further examination it was determined they will have to be transported to the US for repairs.  Assessment of the UC-12W is ongoing.  Damage to the three aircraft was largely a result of small arms fire. 

In the short term, other aircraft in theater are being assigned to cover the on-station times that would normally have been executed by the AV-8Bs, and the Marine Corps will work to flow replacement AV-8Bs into theater ASAP.  Two aircraft that were rotating back to the U.S. were turned around and returned to Afghanistan and four additional aircraft are being brought forward from the U.S. to get the squadron back up to eight aircraft.

If anyone hears differently, please let me know.

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