MI6’s Mark Allen: Al Qaeda would simply scatter elsewhere

From today’s Guardian piece on Britain’s role in facilitating rendition by the USG:

The book reveals that [MI6 counterterrorism chief Mark] Allen (who was later to develop a cosy relationship with Gaddafi’s intelligence chiefs) expressed concern after the post-9/11 meeting in the UK embassy in Washington about what would happen once the Americans had “hammered the mercury in Afghanistan”. Al-Qaida would simply scatter elsewhere, destabilising entire regions, Allen suggested. A CIA officer who was present at the embassy meeting remarked later that while the British appeared laid back, “it was clear they were worried, and not without reason”.

Allen was/is clearly a far better intelligence officer than his American counterpart at the time, Cofer Black, who is currently one of Mitt Romney’s chief national security advisors. Of course, John Brennan has been performing that role for Obama for over four years now. Revealing how the two major party candidates are relying on two of the most controversial CIA operators of the last 30 years for their national security policy advice…tell me again how Obama and Romney are different on these issues…?

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