“Struggled to obtain access….”

From ThinkProgress, on Obama’s decision to finally release to Congress his legal justification for his assassination-by-drone policy:

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence — of which Wyden is a member — gets access to information surrounding drones, but struggled to obtain access to a classified Department of Justice memorandum laying out the legal argument for the use of targeted killing against American citizens.

No. SSCI did not “struggle” to obtain the data. It refused to issue a subpoena for it. You know when a serious attempt at Congressional oversight is being made when at least a public threat of a subpoena is issued. Never happened once in this case, so far as I am aware.

“The most transparent Administration in history” has embraced the Cult of the National Security State with a gusto: indefinite detention, PATRIOT Act, FISA Amendments Act, and of course the “secret” Drone Wars. The Bush-Obama era will be remembered as the time when the last vestiges of “the old Republic” (i.e., the Fourth Amendment and the rule of law over the rule of men) were swept away. Our decedents will live in a decidedly more Orwellian country unless people of conscience resist.

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