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Assassination-By-Drone: Symptom Of A Disease

Although I’ve been pleased by all of the recent drone-related media coverage driven by the leaked DoJ memo and the CIA director confirmation hearing for John Brennan, I’ve also been concerned that the larger issue has been absent from the … Continue reading

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The “Arab Spring’s” Winter Of Discontent

An excellent piece in the Guardian on the rising Salafist threat in Africa: Late last year, largely unnoticed in the west, Tunisia’s president, Moncef Marzouki, gave an interview to Chatham House’s The World Today. Commenting on a recent attack by … Continue reading

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Of Drone Wars And Star Chambers

Even if they are glad Mr. Awlaki is dead, many Americans are uneasy that a president can use secret evidence to label a citizen a terrorist and order his execution without a trial or judge’s ruling. Hence the idea of court oversight for targeted killing, which on Thursday, unexpectedly, got serious discussion from senators and Mr. Brennan.
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No Answers After 23 Years

From the Institute of Medicine, late last month: About one-third of veterans – an estimated 175,000 to 250,000 military personnel – of the 1991 Gulf War suffer from an array of long-term medically unexplained symptoms known as chronic multisymptom illness … Continue reading

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“Struggled to obtain access….”

From ThinkProgress, on Obama’s decision to finally release to Congress his legal justification for his assassination-by-drone policy: The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence — of which Wyden is a member — gets access to information surrounding drones, but struggled to … Continue reading

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