Defunding Surveillance: Are The Votes There This Week?

Today, the House takes up the FY14 DoD Appropriations bill (HR 2397). A total of 100 amendments were made in order by the Rules Committee, and if you’re interested in ending the Surveillance State the last two will be of interest. A bloc of libertarian Tea Party Republicans held the GOP leadership hostage until they at least agreed to make the amendments in order. However, today starting at 1pm NSA’s own Keith Alexander will make another pitch to House members as for why this endless, warrantless surveillance of Americans must continue. My prediction is that both of those amendments will, unfortunately fail unless the Capitol phone lines are jammed by people wanting them passed. If you want to see those amendments passed, I suggest you call 202-224-3121 and tell your House member in no uncertain terms that you want YES votes on the Nugent and Amash amendments.

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