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Today’s NYT, on Iran’s growing cyber capabilities: The targets have included several American oil, gas and electricity companies, which government officials have refused to identify. The goal is not espionage, they say, but sabotage. Government officials describe the attacks as … Continue reading

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The Drone Court Dodge

Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) quoted today in the CSM on the dubious idea of Star Chamber-style “drone courts”: Congress will carefully consider any drone-court proposal, Sen. Ron Wyden (D) of Oregon told National Public Radio on Thursday. Senator Wyden has … Continue reading

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Will The Real Eric Holder Please Stand Up

From the AP on May 14: The Justice Department says Attorney General Eric Holder removed himself from a decision to subpoena phone records of The Associated Press. A Justice Department statement Tuesday says that Holder stepped aside — a procedure … Continue reading

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Why Does The Flickr Redesign Look So Familiar?

Now where have I seen a format like the one above before? Oh yeah…..  

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A Bland And Unassuming Official

Yale professor David Bromwich on the pernicious paternalism of Eric Holder: Attorney General Holder is a bland and unassuming official who is not given to hyperbole. But his actions have been hyperbolic. During the first 92 years of the existence … Continue reading

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