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Hamilton On How Liberty Dies

Alexander Hamilton, writing in Federalist #8 about the inevitably destructive consequences of what I call the “cult of the imperial American national security state: Safety from external danger is the most powerful director of national conduct. Even the ardent love … Continue reading

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The Surveillance State And The Mob Mentality

Former Republican Budget Committee staffer Mike Lofgren in HuffPo today: The most depressing result of the polls, however, was the variability of the partisan response depending on which party occupies the White House: “In early 2006, 37 percent of Democrats … Continue reading

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A Response To “Modest Encroachments”

The Washington Times on Obama’s response to the massive data mining and dragnet electronic surveillance revealed by the Guardian this week: President Obama Friday defended his administration’s massive seizure of private citizens’ phone records, email and Internet activities as “modest … Continue reading

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