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Michael Cohen on “Rotting From the Inside Out”

From his latest piece at Foreign Policy: “Any discussion of American national security that focuses solely on the issue of U.S. power vis-à-vis other countries — and ignores domestic inputs — is decidedly incomplete…Indeed, by virtually any measure, a closer … Continue reading

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Tell Congress: No Drones Over My Neighborhood|Start an Online Petition »

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Domestic Spying, NYPD Style

NYC officials claim it has stopped, but there has been no independent verification that this has ended, much less legal action taken by DoJ to investigate.

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Mining The Gulf: Iran’s Trump Card?

The bulk of Iraq’s mine inventory consisted of Iraqi reproductions of pre-World War I designed Russian contact mines. However, it also included high-technology magnetic and acoustic influence mines purchased from the Soviet Union and Italy. Specifically, Iraq had 11 types of mines including moored contact mines (e.g., the Myam, the Soviet M-08, and a similar Iraqi-produced LUGM-145) and bottom acoustic influence mines (e.g., the Italian Manta acoustic magnetic mine, the Soviet KMD magnetic influence mine, the Soviet UDM acoustic influence mine, and the Iraqi-produced Sigeel acoustic influence mine). Before Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, Iraq was estimated to have 1,000 to 2,000 mines. After the cease fire, Iraq reported it had laid 1,167 mines during the conflict.
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Federal Employees, Take Note: Congress Wants To Screw You–Again

On the House floor this week. Here’s is NARFE’s warning: February 14, 2012 U.S. House of Representatives Washington, DC 20515 Dear Representative, On behalf of the 4.6 million federal employees and annuitants represented by the National Active and Retired Federal … Continue reading

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Some Folks Feel Like They’re Simply “Enduring America”

Their website can be seen here. And they don’t mean “enduring” in a Reaganesque “shining-city-on-a-hill” kind of way. Perhaps just a little too much continuity between Bush 43’s policies and Obama’s to suite the taste of those overseas?

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Obama’s Assassination Policy and “Liberal” Cognitive Dissonance

During the 8am hour of today’s edition of Up With Chris Hayes, I was prompted to Tweet some words of support for Amy Goodman’s principled stand against Obama’s unbridled assassination policy. The exchange above was the result. When the President’s … Continue reading

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You Get One Phone Call…

What’s not explained is exactly how, if you’re in ICE custody, you’re supposed to even see this message. Details, details…

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Tell Apple: Make Your Products Ethically

I just signed a petition calling for Apple to make their next iPhone ethically. You can join me at Information has recently emerged about the conditions in Apple’s factories in China, and it is appalling. Workers work twelve-plus hour … Continue reading

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Dover Mortuary Scandal Update

Yes, the whistleblowers suffered illegal reprisals….and the perpetrators should be fired.

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