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Channeling Lawrence On Syria

He could just as easily have written this about our own misadventure in Iraq and the apparent redux about to unfold in Syria. From the preface of Seven Pillars Of Wisdom: “We pay for these things too much in honour … Continue reading

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HPSCI’s “Statue of Liberty” Play On PATRIOT Act Reauthorization

Did the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) engage in the document-based form of the old football deception play? That’s the allegation coming from Michigan Rep. Justin Amash: Justin Amash, the Michigan Republican whose effort to defund theNSA‘s mass phone-records collection … Continue reading

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“The Transcript Is Classified”

Glenn Greenwald reports today on how Rep.’s Morgan Griffith (R) and Alan Grayson (D) have been shafted by the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) regarding their NSA scandal-related inquiries. Here’s the key passage: On June 19, Grayson wrote … Continue reading

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David Bromwich On “Liberty, Security, and Fear”

Yale literature professor David Bromwich has a superb piece on HuffPo today that articulates so well the fraud that is the American Surveillance State: And what of liberty? A view taken by many apologists for massive surveillance holds that liberty is … Continue reading

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