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The Iraq War: Warnings Ignored

Truthout was kind enough to reprint a little something I and several other former IC veterans sent to Bush 43 before he launched his war of choice. You can read it here.

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From Andy To Paul, Definitely Not With Love

From Andrew J. Bacevich’s “Open Letter To Paul Wolfowitz” in the March 2013 edition of Harper’s: Twenty years ago, you became dean of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and hired me as a minor staff functionary. I … Continue reading

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Target: Saudi Arabia

When I came on duty at NPIC’s Priority Exploitation Group (PEG) during the early evening of August 4, 1990, Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait was in its third day. Most organized Kuwaiti military resistance had collapsed by this point, and … Continue reading

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Iraq, “Province 19” and a War That Changed The World

The left extract from LSJ describes what I saw as I walked onto the floor of NPIC’s Priority Exploitation Group (PEG) the morning that Saddam’s panzers rolled across the border into Kuwait. The right extract is from the chapter in … Continue reading

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