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The Iraq War: Warnings Ignored

Truthout was kind enough to reprint a little something I and several other former IC veterans sent to Bush 43 before he launched his war of choice. You can read it here.

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Ignored And Irrelevant

The NYT today, describing the state of Congress and foreign policy making: In the Obama administration, however, foreign policy has been set mainly in the White House, which shows little interest in congressional prerogatives; transparency has been less than promised … Continue reading

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Nixon’s Ghost: The Return Of The Imperial Presidency

“The Human still has stone age feelings, medieval institutions and god-like technology. That’s what we have to deal with.” – Edward O. Wilson The famed biologist wasn’t talking about drones when he made that statement, but given the emotional motivations … Continue reading

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What Feeds My Soul

A close friend made a rather profound (to me, at least) observation about my priorities. Writing to Robin (my wife), our friend said You (Robin), the dogs, and the outside natural world seem to be the combination of ingredients in … Continue reading

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