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Building A Mystery: The 14 "Plots" Against NYC

After the Associated Press broke the story in August 2011 of illicit, warrantless surveillance of Arab & Muslim Americans from New Orleans to New Haven, defenders of the NYPD trotted out the claim that the department had foiled "14 plots" against the city through the use of such tactics…a claim that raises a number of questions.

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Several current & former NYC officials have repeated the assertion, in various formulations, that 1) there have been 14 terrorist plots against NYC since the 9/11 attacks and that 2) the NYPD has played a role in foiling most/all of them. A typical example from the NY Daily News is below:
NYPD trueOutgoing NYPD official Mitchell Silber is refuting distortions about… Stepping down after seven years of invaluable service, the NYPD’s top anti-terror intelligence officer has set the record straight on how his unit worked to detect plots against New York. Mitchell Silber’s tale is a marvelous one – but his purpose in the telling was not to entertain.
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